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Our team

Contentchill is a creative universe of distinct individuals. We are full of enthusiasm, passion and creativity, forming a unique and amazing team!

Founding team

The Contentchill founding team consists of members with extensive experience in platform administration and operations, belonging to DELI-ALGO INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD - a technology investment company based in Singapore. Building and developing technology platforms is the strength of DELI-ALGO INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. Therefore, we aim to apply the latest and best technologies to Contentchill content creation platform, helping users get the best experience.

Editorial team

The Contentchill team consists of multiple editors and content moderators. Our experienced editorial team controls all content uploaded to the platform, ensures that it is in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and removes invalid content immediately.

We always appreciate the role of the editorial team, because we believe that the editorial team is the core to create a truly quality platform.

You can now join our professional editorial team by following job postings on our website.

Content creator team

Content creators play an important role on our team. They are incredibly creative and deliver really great content. At Contentchill, we have been working with millions of content creators worldwide.

Become a content creator today by Sign up for a creator account here.

The power of community

The Contentchill community is the most important part of our team: content creators, customers, sellers, investors from all over the world. We always appreciate the great contributions of the community in making Contentchill a respected and loved content creation platform.


We are a group of people connected through a passion for creating content, regardless of culture, race, gender or geography. Together, we build a community that respects the value of creativity, and contributes good values to society.