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Is there a fee to create an account on Contentchill?

Creating an account on Contentchill is always free.

What content can I upload?

You can upload a variety of content such as: images, videos, vectors, stories, novels... or any other digital artwork created by you, or owned exclusively by you.

We encourage the content to be digitally processed with the best quality.

Does my content have to meet certain size or format requirements?

Depending on the type of content, we will apply different regulations on the accepted size and format. We also put specific considerations in mind as soon as you start uploading your content.

How much content can I upload?

Currently, we do not limit the amount of content that users upload, as long as it is consistent with our Terms.

Do I have to pay to upload content?

There is no cost to users to upload and host content on our platform. We only charge a flat operating fee once a user starts selling their content on our platform.

Why was my content disapproved?

We always look forward to receiving more engaging and creative content. However, in many cases, we reject content that is substandard or violates our Terms and Conditions.

If you think your content is appropriate and does not violate our Terms and Conditions, you can request a review or contact: for assistance.

How do I sell my content on Contentchill?

You can start reaching potential customers and selling your products today by Registering a seller account on our website.

How to buy content on Contentchill?

You can buy any content on Contentchill by adding it to your cart or buying it instantly. After you pay, depending on the type of content, we make files available for users to download and store. Order history and downloads are always recorded in your account.

I can only download content with a watermark, why?

At Contentchill, we respect the value of creativity. Watermarks are a way for us to protect creators' content in the event a user downloads a preview.

Can I pay cash?

Currently, we are providing a digital product exchange platform, therefore, we only accept online payment methods, including: Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, 2CO.

Is the content I purchased my exclusive property?

We do not claim exclusive rights to content to any buyers on our platform. In case you want to own the exclusive rights of any content, you can deal directly with the seller/creator of that content on our platform. We have no control over and are not responsible for such agreements.