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About us

ContentChill - Content Creation Platform

Contentchill is a content creation platform where users across the globe can become content creators by sharing any valid content on our platform. Here, users can search, sell and/or invest in creative content to earn money.

Contentchill supports diverse types of content: images, videos, vectors, webtoons, novels, or any other digital art created by you, or owned exclusively by you.

Our Mission

We are acutely aware that every piece of content created comes from the hearts and minds of content creators around the globe. That's why we support creative rights, help promote creative careers, and respect the content copyrights of all content creators.

At Contentchill, we connect content creators with millions of potential customers and investors around the globe. This gives content creators a source of income and an incentive to create more engaging content.

We believe that the Contentchill community is contributing great value to society through the content posted on our platform.

The value we bring

Creativity: We provide a platform that hosts the most diverse and amazing content from around the world. Here, users, or anyone, can search for ideas and create personalized content. We always respect and support creativity.

Connectivity: Here, we bring all searchers, content creators, sellers, buyers, and potential investors together. We believe content is the best medium to connect like-minded people, regardless of culture, race, gender or geography.

Monetization opportunities: In addition to selling content created by individuals or businesses, or owned exclusively by you, here you can choose to invest in potential content to become a co-owner, and of course, you get specific benefits as a co-owner.

Long-lasting value: Unlike physical products that have a shelf life, content lasts a long time. Contentchill is the place for you to store and receive sustainable benefits from highly personalized products.

Our responsibilities

Content-creation platform Contentchill is owned by DELI-ALGO INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD, headquartered in Singapore.

Company information:


Tax code: UEN 202126943C

Head office: 111 SOMERSET ROAD #06-07D 111 SOMERSET SINGAPORE (238164)

We are responsible for ensuring that the rights and interests of our users comply with our Terms and Conditions. Contentchill ensures transparency in platform fees and privacy policy. We make our company information publicly available to ensure that we are accountable to our commitments to the community.

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